Colours of Summer!

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Colours of Summer!
Cookie Jar Clover €62.30
Cookie Jar Lawn Red €91.10
Cookie Jar Wild Flower Meadow €62.30
Afternoon Tea Gift Set Fuchsia €251.46

Cookie Jar Forget Me Not €62.30
Shallow Dish & Small Angle Bowl Gift Set €152.95
Coffee Pot Fuchsia €76.00 €102.30


Nest Of 3 Rectangle Dishes Forget Me Not €96.80

Medium Heart Plate Clover €28.95
Lidded Sugar Bowl Clover €34.10
4 Small Mugs Fuchsia €72.00
Set Fuchsia Everyday Plate and Tall Mug €74.15

Tall Mug Fuchsia €29.70
Nest Of 3 Rectangle Dishes Clover €96.80
Shallow Dish Lawn Red €158.20
Covered Butterdish Wild Flower Meadow €62.30

Classic Pie Dish Wild Flower Meadow €51.25
Large Cafetiere Wild Flower Meadow €121.00
Large Bowl Gift Set €85.95
Salad Bowl Fuchsia €96.80

Salad Bowl Lawn Red €136.65
Salad Bowl Forget Me Not €96.80
Oval Platter Clover €176.00
Oval Platter Wild Flower Meadow €176.00