Nicholas Mosse makes outstanding giftware, always welcomed and always loved. We are proud to offer all sorts of gifts in different price brackets, and for different occasions. Many people collect our pottery, but our handcrafted pottery appeals even to people who have never seen it before! Have a look at the large variety we have and let us help you send the perfect Irish gift anywhere in the world.
Reverse Candlestick And Candle Old Rose €39.95
Heart Gift Set In Old Rose €68.95
Angled Bowl Gift Set Old Rose €166.96
Afternoon Tea Gift Set Old Rose €251.46

Trio Gift Set Lawn Red Sold Out
Medium Heart Plate and Small Mug Old Rose €48.95
Reverse Candlestick Old Rose €34.55
Box Set Small Mug and Tiny Plate Old Rose €34.10

Tile Trivet Old Rose Sold Out
Trio Gift Set White Lawn €123.60
Reverse Candlestick Wild Flower Meadow €34.55
Reverse Candlestick And Candle Wild Flower Meadow €39.95

Heart Gift Set In Wildflower Meadow €68.95
Angled Bowl Gift Set Wildflower Meadow €166.96
Afternoon Tea Gift Set Wild Flower Meadow €251.46
Trio Gift Set Lawn Light Blue €123.60

Heart Gift Set In Forget Me Not €68.95
Angled Bowl Gift Set Forget Me Not €166.96
Afternoon Tea Gift Set Forget Me Not €251.46
Reverse Candlestick Forget Me Not €34.55

Medium Heart Plate and Small Mug Forget Me Not €48.95
Tiny Bowl and Tiny Jug Forget Me Not €31.50
Lidded Sugar Bowl and Small Cylinder Jug Forget Me Not €69.95
Box Set Small Mug and Tiny Plate Clover €34.10

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