Bowls galore! From tiny bowls to centrepieces, medium bowls to huge, we create a wide range of shapes and sizes in our many patterns and colours so that you can design your table to fit your mood or you company. Totally inspiring! We also make bowls for kitchen use (check out our Chef Set) as well as for elegant, colourful entertaining. Tiny, small, medium, large, salad, everyday, angled bowls both large and small: you will be amazed by the selection we have.
Pasta Bowl Cat €44.00
Set of four Pasta Bowls Cat €176.00
Lidded Sugar Bowl Dog €41.80
Tiny Bowl Dog €19.60
Small Bowl Dog €22.90
Medium Bowl Dog €29.70
Everyday Bowl Dog €36.30
Pasta Bowl Dog €44.00
Set of four Pasta Bowls Dog Pattern €176.00
Lidded Sugar Bowl Duck €41.80
Tiny Bowl Duck €19.60
Small Bowl Duck €22.90
Medium Bowl Duck €29.70
Pasta Bowl Duck €44.00
Set of four Pasta Bowls Duck €176.00
Lidded Sugar Bowl Sheep €41.80
Tiny Bowl Sheep €19.60
Small Bowl Sheep €22.90
Medium Bowl Sheep €29.70
Everyday Bowl Sheep €36.30
Pasta Bowl Sheep €44.00
Set of four Pasta Bowls Sheep €176.00
Lidded Sugar Bowl Farmhouse €41.80
Tiny Bowl Farmhouse €19.60
Small Bowl Farmhouse €22.90
Medium Bowl Farmhouse €29.70
Pasta Bowl Farmhouse €44.00
Set of four Pasta Bowls Farmhouse €176.00
Tall Bowl Irish Rose Sold Out
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