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New Items 2019

New is always good!  We have extended our popular Lawn Pattern range (in all colours,...

New is always good!  We have extended our popular Lawn Pattern range (in all colours, because you asked us to) and we have created a new large pottery jug to match our curvilinear jug offerings.  Check them out! Also for 2019, we have released a small number of new limited edition pieces, signed by Nicholas Mosse himself.  The Strawberry Bowl, Tapered Vase, Utensil Holder, Country Crock and Garlic Jar.  Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about any more new creations!

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New Items 2019
Trio Set Sheepies €93.25
Large Jug Forget Me not €63.80
Large Jug Clover €63.80
Oval Platter Lawn Light Blue €225.50

Large Mug Lawn Light Blue €33.00
Covered Butterdish Lawn Light Blue €74.80
Lidded Sugar Bowl Lawn Light Blue €48.40
Oval Platter Lawn White €225.50

Lidded Sugar Bowl Lawn White €48.40
Covered Butterdish Lawn White €74.80
Large Mug Lawn White €33.00
Large Jug Old Rose €63.80

Large Jug Clematis €63.80
Large Jug Wildflower Meadow €63.80
Large Jug Fuchsia €63.80
Oval Platter Lawn Dark Blue €225.50

Covered Butterdish Dark Blue Lawn €74.80
Large Mug Dark Blue Lawn €33.00
Lidded Sugar Bowl Lawn Dark Blue €48.40
Covered Butterdish Assorted Animals €71.30

Large Mug Lawn Red €33.00
Covered Butterdish Lawn Red €74.80
Oval Platter Lawn Red €225.50
Lidded Sugar Bowl Lawn Red €48.40

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