Serving Accessories

Our fans love the accessories we create to complete our dinnerware sets.  Looking for a butter dish? A double dipper for sauces? How about a set of custard cups or a cake stand? These pottery items are perfect for gifts, as they stand alone.
Double Dipper Clover €34.95
Stackable Eggcup Clover €15.40
Covered Butterdish Clover €62.30
Double Dipper Forget Me Not €34.95

Stackable Eggcup Forget Me Not €15.40
Covered Butterdish Forget Me Not €62.30
Covered Butterdish Old Rose €62.30
Double Dipper Old Rose €34.95

Stackable Eggcup Old Rose €15.40
Double Dipper Fuchsia €34.95
Stackable Eggcup Fuchsia €15.40
Covered Butterdish Fuchsia €62.30

Double Dipper Wild Flower Meadow €34.95
Stackable Eggcup Wild Flower Meadow €15.40
Covered Butterdish Wild Flower Meadow €62.30
Double Dipper Clematis €34.95

Stackable Eggcup Clematis €15.40
Covered Butterdish Clematis €62.30
Double Dipper Apple €34.95
Stackable Eggcup Apple €15.40

Covered Butterdish Apple €62.30
Double Dipper Reindeer €34.95
Stackable Eggcup Reindeer €15.40
Covered Butterdish Reindeer €62.30