The ever-ready tea table is something we organize every year.

It can be tiny, it can be huge, round or square, but it MUST always be ‘at the ready’!  A Christmasy table cloth sets it apart. Make sure it features a festive centre piece such as flowers or ornaments (a tiny tree?), a tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, spoon, a couple of plates and many mugs or cups and saucers.


In former days, a tea trolley on wheels was a common household item. Trays for passing things can do the trick as well. I also have a little iron heating stand on mine and another teapot ready in the kitchen. Two types of tea are nice to offer, but the most important element and the one that only comes out at the last minute is the home made baked cake and/or cookies, which are sitting in the cookie jar in the kitchen. 


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