Nicholas Mosse Bowls

Something in the air is telling me that a careful examination of my house is in order,-- And it isn’t even time for what is known as ‘spring cleaning’.  Perhaps it's the post-holiday feeling.  After visitors and visiting, cooking and eating, after making sure the guest room is ready, what is missing and what is working become suddenly obvious. Did I have enough napkins? Serving spoons? Clean placemats? And then there are the overwhelming leftovers: chocolates will wait for me, but what about all the other comestibles?  What about all those little things that the holiday leaves around the place?

Wildflower Meadow Bowl with sweets lifetyle Nicholas Mosse Pottery 

While some of you may have managed a calm and serene festive season many will be recovering from a hectic few weeks of socialising with friends and family. As hard as we might try to limit the receiving of gifts we still amass quite a collection of new possessions. The days move at such a pace it’s hard to keep up with the gentle accumulation of these new belongings alongside what to do with the increasing amount of left-over food.

Small angled bowl apple lifestyle Nicholas Mosse Pottery handcrafted sponge ware



There is a solution! It comes in the form of variously sized bowls - salad or cereal, large or small. To restore some order bowls are the perfect receptacles for these miscellaneous objects - bars of soap, puzzles and dice from Christmas crackers, sunglasses, a pot of hand cream, scented candles, or whatever you have – a staging post, until they find their place.


Old Rose Pasta Bowls Nicholas Mosse Pottery handcrafted sponge ware 


Susan Mosse