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A new report was published claiming that actual, old fashioned incense was the very best way to clear a kitchen of lingering cooking smells.  We immediately put a tiny hole into our olive dish to hold an ordinary incense stick.  The tiny hole does not pierce the dish so it can still be used to display olives, nuts, strawberries, cheese cubes, etc.. without dripping.  This narrow piece would make a great little present, especially accompanied by a favourite incense or jar of olives.  Or why not both?  Another useful piece of Nicholas Mosse pottery!

The Wild Flower Meadow Pattern is a delightful mix of some of our favourite patterns in miniature form.

26.5cm xl x 5cm w x 2cm h (6.5"l x 2"w x .75" h)

*This item does not come with an incense stick.

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