Garlic Jar Apple


A healthy addition to our Nicholas Mosse homeware pottery, this garlic jar is bound to please cooks who use garlic,---and who doesn’t?---either occasionally or all the time?  This jar is the best way to keep garlic fresher for longer.

The Apple Pattern uses a bold design & colours to create a striking composition. The warm shades of red are emphasized by the subtle green used for the leaves and border while the detailed chequered trim highlights the simple fruit pattern.

"The first batch to be launched will be signed by Nick  ( then, if it continues, the signature goes). So, if you want to ensure you get one of our limited production, signed pieces, buy now."

Only available in this pattern apple  (for the moment).

Measurements: Height from top of lid to bottom of jar:  5.5"  (13.97cm)

Width: 4"  (10cm)