From Rudolph’s red nose to garlands of lights on every Main Street, shining light is an essential part of Christmas.

Lights just laugh at dark winter nights and invite us all to have hope for the New Year and everything it brings with it. So, what better way to celebrate this season than using as much and as many lights as possible?

Sparkling, twinkling, moving, golden, silver lights are festive, but candles are ethereal and mark an occasion as special and important. Use as many candles as you can during the holidays, use ten times more than you think would be nice and you’ll be surprised at the beauty they create. They never fail to make us gasp and wonder.


Combine them with very low electric lights if you must, and probably don’t use them around rambunctious, excited children, but use them for ‘grown up luxury time’... the more candles, the more memorable the event!

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