Ten Ways to Give Your Kitchen More Country Charm

 Whether your home is a modern house in the country, an urban terraced house or an old traditional farmhouse, it’s very possible to emphasize the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a country kitchen. Here are ten country kitchen ideas to help you add more charm to the hub of your home.

  1. The Sink

A sink can make or break a kitchen design, particularly if you’re trying to add some country chic to your kitchen. A large Belfast rectangular sink provides a nice focus point in the kitchen as the front of it is visible and its shape signifies its traditional nature. From a practical viewpoint, it’s large enough to wash really large pans and trays. Alternatively, a ceramic sink complete with draining boards means it can be inset into the worktop and sealed.

  1. The Cabinets

While oak was traditionally the chosen wood for country kitchens, many home owners are opting for painted cabinets now with wooden countertops. A nice touch can be a little bit of mix and match whereby one part of the kitchen cabinetry is built in a complimentary material. For example, the main kitchen cabinets might be painted grey or cream and the kitchen island is made from oak.

  1. Country Style Dresser or Plate Rack

A dresser (be it painted or wooden) is perfect for adding country charm to a kitchen. It evokes kitchens from times gone by particularly if there’s a plethora of crockery displayed. If you have beautiful pottery, don’t hide it away in kitchen cupboards. A dresser is the perfect piece of furniture for showcasing your bowls, plates, jugs, platters and mugs.

  1. Larder

Larders don’t have to be free-standing. They can be part of your build-in cabinetry or even forms useful storage in a corner of your kitchen. Apart from adding a traditional touch to your kitchen with the benefits of modern conveniences, a larder offers lots of storage from floor to ceiling.

  1. Fabric

What’s the most suitable fabric for a country kitchen? There are so many fabric designs to choose from, it’s a veritable feast of inspiration. Cottons work well and once the fabric is either gingham, floral, paisley or stripes mixed with flowers, it will fit in perfectly. There’s lots of opportunities for introducing fabric too – roman blinds, short curtains, chair cushions, cushions on a window seat or an armchair. An oilcloth tablecloth is easy to wipe down so is ideal if you have children and they are available in a range of suitable designs to emphasise the country charm of your kitchen.

  1. Window Seat

Why is a window seat so appealing compared to an armchair or small sofa? It emphasises the country charm of your kitchen, particularly if set against a sash window. Cushions with floral fabrics make it more comfortable and inviting. If you have a lamp beside it and a shelf for books placed under the seat, it makes the perfect cosy reading nook.

  1. Crockery

We’ve mentioned displaying crockery but what type of crockery is best? Blue and white willow patterned crockery is perfect but given its age, you may prefer to just display it rather than use it on a regular basis as well as having it on display. I think being able to use the crockery is important in a country kitchen, therefore we have to recommend our Nicholas Mosse pottery. It’s hard wearing and dishwasher proof and can last for decades. If you’re looking to emphasise a farming theme, then our Assorted Animals pattern is perfect. Floral patterns such as Old Rose, Forget Me Not and Wild Flower Meadow will add country charm.

  1. Range Cooker

Whatever brand of range cooker you choose, it’s the shape and scale of the cooker that really adds the focus point to your country style kitchen. Pretty kitchen tea towels or kitchen linens drying on the front of the range, a mantel above displaying your favourite Nicholas Mosse jugs and platters and a traditional kettle humming as it boils – all you need to complete the picture are some homemade scones fresh from the oven and filling the air with their scent.

  1. Teapot

Having a teapot on display really sets the atmosphere for a friendly and convivial country kitchen atmosphere. I’m not talking about just any plain stainless steel teapot but one that is a feature in its own right. An attractive shaped teapot bearing a country-style design promises good conversation and homemade cakes as well as a lovely cup of tea.

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  1. Flowers

You don’t need sophisticated or expensive bouquets of flowers in country kitchens. Wild flowers or cottage garden flowers are perfect. It’s all about colour, variety and using a suitable jug or vase to display them. Celebrate the seasons with daffodils and tulips in the spring, adding honesty to some greenery in May and lupins in the summer. Don’t forget to display small bunches of primroses, pansies, or bluebells too.

We hope you enjoyed reading our ten tips on increasing the charm in a country kitchen. If you’d like to add any more tips in the comments below, we’d love to hear your ideas.