We created our Landscape patterns long long ago, and, like nature herself, they just keep multiplying. At first it was a sheep, then a cow, then a mug, then a mug and plate, then a bowl, then this that and the other, so that by now we do 40 shapes in the Landscape pattern.  We have 7 little animals, all of which surround a little farmhouse, making a large and charming pottery dinner service when all put together.  Of course, some sheep people just collect sheep, as dog people collect dogs, but they all sit together well for those of us who love ALL animals equally! 

The Landscape series has grown and grown and if you’ve ever driven in Ireland, you’ll understand how close it is to the land over here.  Any country road will show you sheep on hills, cows in pasture, ponies on trails: in this sense Landscape is a true reflection of Ireland. We invite you to wander through our pottery version of the local Irish landscape.



Landscape Assortement Nicholas Mosse Pottery handcrafted spongeware