Winter is coming ........


Series seven of Game Of Thrones is now over and I have to admit that I lament its passing. I miss the jaw dropping scenes, the scheming, the humour, the battles and the beauty of it all. I miss that “who is going to die/cry/kiss and be avenged” anticipation of an unwatched episode - especially now that “Winter is [actually] coming!”


Indeed, winter is coming. You can feel an increasing chill in the crisp air and the wandering wind, in the multiple layers you wrap around yourself, and in the darkness that descends ever quicker each evening. It is time to break out my handmade ceramic bowls from Nicholas Mosse Pottery, wrap my hands around a steaming everyday bowl of stew and show off my pottery soup tureen and matching soup bowls!


Even our dog has had his first wake up call to the changing of the seasons. A couple of nights ago the scent of a hedgehog in the garden sent him mad with curiosity and basic instinct. He barked and scratched at the back door for an hour trying to get out to it, until his efforts exhausted him and he meandered slowly into his bed, bewildered and exhausted from his futile efforts.


I’m a little bewildered myself. Where did the summer go? How did autumn descend so quickly? Will we get a couple more days of sunshine or is it time to pack away the summer clothes and break out the winter woollies? It doesn’t bother me too much to be honest. Longer nights mean evenings crocheting or knitting by the light of the ceramic table lamp in my living room and the chilly night air means that I get to curl up under my McNutt of Donegal blanket, a present to myself from the Nicholas Mosse Country Shop and Café in Bennettsbridge, Co KiIlkenny.

Yes, winter is coming and I won’t miss having to plaster the kids in sunscreen or having to wipe self-tan on my milk bottle legs! Bring on the layers and the blankets, the darker nights and the comfort food served in casserole and pie dishes.

I welcome the chance to hibernate!

- Leeann Matthews