Mix and Match pottery is something Nicholas Mosse has always believed in, as you can see from this recent sample jug and plate. Many of our fans love the fact that our patterns all sit so well together, ---even when they’re different, ---which is what makes collecting our pottery so much fun.

We’re only doing a small production of this Climbing Rose pattern, but its open, pretty design has been hand sponged and complements our established lines of pottery (especially dark blue lawn) beautifully. And the lemon tart from our cafe is just as wonderful.

Med jug and everyday plate climbing rose
Fuchsia and Lawn Green patterns with fuchsia teatowel  Nicholas Mosse

This gorgeous grouping gives a good idea of the way many customers use Nicholas Mosse pottery. Two patterns together, with added matching textiles in Irish linen, can create a striking dinner table in an instant. From serveware to the humble mug, our pottery makes everyday life so much prettier!



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