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The Worker and the Dreamer...

Our love affair with pottery began over 55 years ago when Nick Mosse, the son of a flour merchant, was captivated by the sensuous beauty of clay and its possibilities aged 7!

Honing his craft for many years under the stewardship of talented potters in Harrow, England, Nick developed a genuine passion for clay, devoted to shaping pieces that felt beautiful.

He met, married and fell in love with an American Botanical artist, who had been drawn to Ireland by her love of the Irish countryside and the beauty of the Burren, Co. Clare.

Drawn together by their craft and their shared love of nature, in 1976, Nick and Susan, based in a small shed on the Mosse family land in Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny, formed their family business Nicholas Mosse Pottery. Four decades on, their business and their passions have endured.

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Nicholas Mosse pottery Christmas table setting with Red Lawn and Starlight plates

Festive tableware and trimmings

Susan Mosse
When it comes to big gatherings and feasts, the preparation and build-up can almost be as enjoyable as the events themselves. I don’t mind if it ta...
Nicholas Mosse pottery collection of limited edition 10 Christmas Mugs

The 10 mugs of Christmas

Celebrating 10 years of our specially-designed Christmas mugSusan Mosse
This year marks the 10th year we’ve created a specially-designed Christmas mug and plate set. Since I realised it’s been a decade, I’ve been wonder...
Nicholas Mosse Wild Flower Meadow lamp

Lamps a-glow-glow

Ambient lighting that transforms your homeSusan Mosse
Every year I’m taken by surprise the first time I have to switch on the lights inside before 6pm, or, the sun has dipped so low it’s catching the c...

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