Take a little trip with us through Ireland’s Ancient East. Kilkenny goes way back and so do we!  Crumbling stones and sturdy old bridges, cathedrals or tiny churches, Crusaders and forts, even jails.

We took our XL jugs on a local tour so you can get some idea of the beauty of Ireland, and especially our small section of it.  We departed from our very old mill, the home of our long established pottery, and raced around the area:  here are a few shots of a fun day out and about.

St Canices Catherdral Kilkenny Ireland Irelands Ancient East Nicholas Mosse pottery handcrafted spongeware

News, Recipes and more...

Picnic Pleasures

Why does the aroma of barbecuing outdoors make us hungry,--- ravenous almost? 

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Memorable Moments?

For those of us who choose married life, I wonder which moment stands out most in our
personal favorite moments: the proposal or the actual ceremony

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Those little daffodils poking their heads up are getting ready to sing. The birds are right with them, their tunes are louder and more frequent, and their social lives are certainly thriving!

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Love and Things

It seems that all of us have warm and fuzzy attachments to everyday objects. We imbue
them with happy memories or symbolic resonance or just pure joy!

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Winter Light

These days there are so many choices of lamp shapes and materials, not to mention all the new light bulbs coming on stream

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