The old adage “You are the apple of my eye” says it all! When we think of apples we think of cozy kitchens, warm spicy pie, russet orchards, and the wafting scent of ripeness. Our quintessential red apple is a cheery reminder of apple pies, Granny and warm mornings in the kitchen. We have a coordinating range of table linens which brings the entire pattern to the fore of any room in the house.



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Original Pleasures

To many people, Nicholas Mosse Irish Country Shop is a home from home, it’s a place to find solace in a cup of tea and a home baked scone on a cold damp Irish day

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Making It

An old cow house, 7 years of intense study, and a small bank loan are what started up Nicholas Mosse Pottery, 43 years ago

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What makes Nick tick?

Trying to find out about what makes people collect things, objects, stuff, rarities, bits, we sat down with Nicholas Mosse to find out what he thinks the whole thing is about.

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Picnic Pleasures

Why does the aroma of barbecuing outdoors make us hungry,--- ravenous almost? Bring on the smoke and sizzle, summer is here and don’t let it go by without a bit of a barbecue. 

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Memorable Moments?

For those of us who choose married life, I wonder which moment stands out most in our
personal favorite moments: the proposal or the actual ceremony

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