Those little daffodils poking their heads up are getting ready to sing. The birds are right with them, their tunes are louder and more frequent, and their social lives are certainly thriving! Welcome Spring, we are so glad you’re back again.
This season is all about growth and renewal and new life. It is a powerful psychological force for all of us, as we start to notice day by day changes in our surroundings.

On the small scale, we start to think about our clothes, our holiday plans, what we’re eating and how we can finally spend more time outside. I even notice a yearning for more salad and less stodgy comfort food, but perhaps I’m just tuning into the media campaign for healthy eating. Still, healthier eating and Spring do seem to go hand in hand.

In our little cafe in the pottery, we had a lot of fun trying to come up with new “superfood salads” recently. There are all sorts of recipes (just google them!) out there and some strange and wonderful combinations of greens and fruits and veg and nuts and, and, and.

If you want to put a little spring in your step, try to create your own! Gather your own favorites together in new ways, think of textures and colours too. Superfoods generally have brilliant bright colours: beets, blueberries, sweet potatoes, etc. So gorgeous! My personal favorite way of serving these great mixtures is our Everyday Bowl, which shows off all the ingredients to perfection. You can see them all and it’s large enough to hold a full meal’s worth. And, since it is Spring, my pattern choice would be Clover, a gentle
reminder of freshness with a respectful nod to St. Patrick and the Irish countryside.

Susan Mosse