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    More blue and strong greens become even fresher with a hint of yellow...

    More blue and strong greens become even fresher with a hint of yellow in the background. The Clover pattern is clean and light, almost dancing around our shapes!  A perfect blend of vintage and contemporary, with solid Irish overtones.

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• New for 2020
Trivet Round Clover €22.95
• New for 2020
Small Round Lidded Jar Clover €41.95
Reverse Candlestick And Candle Clover €39.95
Reverse Candlestick Clover €34.55

Napkin Clover (Set X4) €70.00
Tile Trivet Clover Sold Out
Box Set Small Mug and Tiny Plate Clover €34.10
Tea Towel Clover Green Stripe Sold Out

Teapot Clover €97.00
Afternoon Tea Gift Set Clover €251.46
Small Cafetiere Clover €55.00
Placemat Clover (Set X2) €43.60

Large Cafetiere Clover €121.00
Clover Small Cafetiere Gift Set €86.60
Large Mug Clover €22.95
Small Mug Clover €20.00

Tall Mug Clover €29.70
Tiny Jug Clover €16.50
Small Jug Clover €21.70
Small Cylinder Jug Clover €35.85

Medium Jug Clover €48.40
Large Jug Clover €63.80
Lidded Sugar Bowl Clover €34.10
Lidded Sugar Bowl and Small Cylinder Jug Clover €69.95

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