Nicholas MosseWe love our craft. We believe what is made with love and care emanates love and care. That is the essence of what Nicholas Mosse is about, that’s what we truly believe, and that, we believe, is why this pottery means so much to people. Nick and his team, still to this day, make every single piece of pottery we produce by hand.


Are Nicholas Mosse Products All Made In Ireland?

Yes, all our earthenware pottery is completely Irish, from clay to water and we even use hydroelectrically generated energy to fire our kilns and keep our lights burning. Of our other products, our linen is Irish or UK made, and our candles are produced in France.


Are Your Products Dishwasher, Microwave And Oven Safe?

We have two different types of clay in our product range, one for table service and one, much stronger stoneware clay, for our ovenware range. All of our tableware products are dishwasher and microwave safe. All our ovenware products are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. To keep your cherished Nicholas Mosse products safe in the dishwasher be sure to stack them carefully to avoid any rattling of pieces during the wash cycle. While both our tableware and our ovenware can be used in the microwave, constant usage will cause crazing and may even affect the longevity of the ware. Never place tableware or ovenware into a microwave or oven immediately after being taken from the fridge. Avoid extreme temperatures at all costs – our products should never be placed in the freezer.


What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of My Nicholas Mosse Pottery?

We enjoy making our pottery and are very specific that we produce only pottery of the finest quality. Our pottery, used with care, should last and wear beautifully for years to come. To keep it as beautiful and pristine as possible, we recommend that you follow the following advice:
• Avoid rough handling and sudden changes in temperature as this may cause the appearance of fine lines on the surface known as crazing. Crazing does NOT affect the life or the usefulness of the pottery, and some people feel this adds to the character and appeal of the pottery. It is nothing to worry about.
• Our pottery is dishwasher safe; please stack it carefully to avoid knocking.
• Our pottery is microwave safe but continuous use should be avoided.
• Only use our special Nicholas Mosse Ovenware in your oven, avoid direct heat and do not use on a hob or near a naked flame.
• Stubborn stains may be removed by soaking in a mild bleach solution.
• For our ovenware pottery (and also our tabletop ware), avoid metal scourers or harsh abrasives.


Do You Have Second-Hand, Discounted Or Discontinued Items?

Yes, we sell quality “seconds” items that can only be personally selected in our shop. We never sell seconds to other outlets or by online, phone or mail order. For retired patterns which have been discontinued, it might be worthwhile emailing or calling us at the shop as we often have remaining stock and would be happy to help you.