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Greeting Cards pack of 4 Standard Patterns Nicholas Mosse Pottery
Nicholas Mosse Special Greeting Card Pack
Sale price£15.40
In stock, 20 units
Tiny Heart Plate Clematis handmade Irish design Nicholas Mosse Pottery Ireland
Nicholas Mosse Tiny Heart Plate Clematis
Sale price£13.75
In stock, 40 units
Medium Heart Plate Clematis spongeware pottery by Nicholas Mosse, Ireland - Handmade Irish Craft -
Nicholas Mosse Medium Heart Plate Clematis
Sale price£31.15
In stock, 40 units
Large Tapered Vase Clematis Nicholas Mosse Pottery handcrafted spongeware ireland
Nicholas Mosse Large Tapered Vase Clematis
Sale price£76.80
In stock, 7 units
Large Cached Pot Clematis Nicholas Mosse Pottery handcrafted spongeware  Ireland
Nicholas Mosse Large Cache Pot Indoor Clematis
Sale price£101.20
In stock, 4 units

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