Show off your kitchen skills even more....bring your cooking to life with our beautiful, strong handmade pottery and Irish linens! All those great ingredients look even better in our bowls and ovenware. Inspire yourself to greater culinary heights!

Chef Set €42.10
Cookie Jar Clover €62.30
Cookie Jar Lawn Green €91.10
Cookie Jar Old Rose €62.30
Cookie Jar Lawn Dark Blue €91.10
Cookie Jar Fuchsia €62.30
Cookie Jar Lawn Red €91.10
Cookie Jar Clematis €62.30
Cookie Jar Wild Flower Meadow €62.30
Cookie Jar Lawn White €91.10
Cookie Jar Apple €62.30
Cookie Jar Forget Me Not €62.30
Cookie Jar Lawn Light Blue €91.10
Cookie Jar Winter Robin €62.30
Cookie Jar Reindeer €62.30
Butterpat Clover €12.00
Butterpat Fuchsia €12.00
Butterpat Forget Me Not €12.00
Butterpat Wild Flower Meadow €12.00
Butterpat Old Rose €12.00
Butterpat Apple €12.00
Butterpat Clematis €12.00
Butterpat Reindeer €12.00
Ramekin Clover €14.50
Ramekin Forget Me Not €14.50
Ramekin Fuchsia €14.50
Ramekin Clematis €14.50
Ramekin Wild Flower Meadow €14.50
Ramekin Apple €14.50
Ramekin Reindeer €14.50
Classic Pie Dish Clover €51.25
Classic Pie Dish Old Rose €51.25
Classic Pie Dish Forget Me Not €51.25
Classic Pie Dish Apple €51.25
Classic Pie Dish Clematis €51.25
Classic Pie Dish Fuchsia €51.25
Classic Pie Dish Wild Flower Meadow €51.25
Classic Pie Dish Winter Robin €51.25
Classic Pie Dish Reindeer €51.25
Custard Cup Clover €13.55
Custard Cup Old Rose €13.55
Custard Cup Forget Me Not €13.55
Custard Cup Apple €13.55
Custard Cup Clematis €13.55
Custard Cup Wild Flower Meadow €13.55
Custard Cup Fuchsia €13.55
Custard Cup Winter Robin €13.55
Custard Cup Reindeer €13.55
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