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Change happens slowly and suddenly. Suddenly we see the light, the penny drops, the breath of fresh air blows through. Here in the pottery it dawned on us (after about a year!) that the new ovenware shapes we were creating were being loved and bought and taken home! Maybe we were so busy making them that we didn’t notice how popular our baking dishes were. Finally there is something to cook in and take to table - a dish that looked GREAT.  Anyway, ovenware is a success!

So, to celebrate the fact and to indulge ourselves even more in our love of kitchens and all things and people and events therein, we created a new and larger kitchen area in our Irish Country Shop. This meant we had to bring out the hammers and push and pull big old dressers here and there, but after some shifting and prodding, we now have a lovely new space where our visitors can find THE pattern and THE shape they are looking for, along with lots of other fun stuff. We found textiles, tins, glassware and loads of gadgets to round out the experience. Our own kitchen textiles are there (we do oven gloves, aprons and tea towels in case you didn’t know) as are pretty little specials like cast iron trivets, wooden chopping boards in a vast array of shapes and good old fashioned soaps. Amusing but useful!

For those of you who already own a piece of Nicholas Mosse ovenware, let us know what you use it for! Each shape seems to suggest a different sort of food and it’s always fun to hear what others think, so get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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