Cosy Reading nook with armchair Nicholas Mosse Linen cushions, Nicholas Mosse Pottery teapot, large mug and rectangular plate with gingerbread man biscuit. Book with glasses on table beside.

You might say hygge is so last decade, give us something new! Or, going device-
free is so last century. Books? What are they? Well, we’re championing both ideas
here (I'll allow you your eReader) with the purpose of creating a meditative sanctuary of calm to retreat to in the busy swirl of life. Here are some very simple and quick tips to create a place to nurture the soul and the senses. Let’s get C-O-S-Y!

Cosy reading nook with armchair covered in blanket and Nicholas Mosse Irish linen cushions. Table at side with teapot, large mug and plate handcrafted by Nicholas Mosse Pottery with gingerbread man. Dog asleep in front of fire.

C is for Cushions and Coverage

If you’re lucky to have a high-backed heirloom armchair with embracing arms that’s wonderful, but a simple and commodious beanbag is also perfect as a starting point for your cosy corner. Add some generously full-bodied cushions to soften the edges of your dedicated place of relaxation. That extra padding will give the feeling of immersion that we’re looking for, like a childhood den, and will help the space fit you perfectly for supreme snugness – no achy neck or back and no draughts.

Cosy Reading nook with armchair Nicholas Mosse Linen cushions, Nicholas Mosse Pottery teapot, large mug and rectangular plate with gingerbread man biscuit. Book with glasses on table beside.

It’s ginger all round - you’ll feel warmed inside and out with a piping hot spicy ginger tea from our limited edition Large Mug Ginger House

While being wrapped in a cuddly and enveloping blanket is an absolute must, I’d say the trick with feeling totally cosy is more about coverage than volume - to dress like you’re a teapot in a tea cosy, preserving heat rather than generating it. If you can have some woollen tubular gloves that gently swaddle the wrists (my go-to accessory at this time of year) and ankle warmers to cover any clothing gaps you’re all set! There’s also a lot to be said for literally ‘putting your feet up’. With your feet propped on something off the floor you’ll really notice the difference in the depth of rest that you reach. 

Nicholas Mosse Large Mug in Light Blue Lawn on Alice in Wonderland Book with a collection of books in the background.

Make time to work through your TBR pile and copious mugs of coffee or tea. Bliss. Products featured: Large Mug Light Blue Lawn, Small Tapered Vase Green Lawn

O is for Off-load

Your nook will be even more cosy if you feel like you deserve this time in it. If you do something beforehand that demands physical effort or emotional stamina you’ll be ready to flop and recoup – a day at work will do it! I’d also recommend you off-load your to-do list from your head onto a piece of paper so you can let go of all those pending things, put the phone on silent and out of reach so you can focus on the story at hand and really be transported away by what you’re reading.

Lamp Wild Flower Meadow by Nicholas Mosse PotteryS is also for spot-light while I love the atmosphere and softness of candlelight, I definitely can’t read by it, so a lamp is a must, positioned behind you so it casts light onto your book or sudoku. Product featured: 7" Lamp Wild Flower Meadow Base

S is for Scents

Smell has an amazingly powerful influence on mood and is an important dimension of your nook to consider. You’ve a head start if you have an open fire to radiate wonderful, incense-like wafts. No open fire? Not to worry. The earthy tones of a patchouli or sandalwood scented candle are very grounding and come close to standing in for the aroma of an open fire, or you might prefer sweeter scents like jasmine, orange or vanilla that evoke a sense of indulgence. The dancing candle flames will give that spirit and flickering animation to your space.

Green Lawn teapot, Dark Blue lawn everyday plate with biscuits, Large Mug Sheep. Handcrafted Irish Pottery by Nicholas MosseBe transported into the storybook and actually eat the fairytale gingerbread house. Products featured: Large Mug Sheep, Teapot Green Lawn, Everyday Plate Dark Blue Lawn

Y is for Yum!

Reading will feed your imagination and your soul, but you’ll still need to feed your
senses with something delicious to eat and drink. This is the moment to indulge, so go for it! You might also find the lovely aroma of a cinnamon-laced hot toddy or the steam clouds of a rich hot chocolate will fill the space with much calming fragrance whilst also filling you with a deep sense peace.

Ultimate comfort means satisfying all the senses without having to move, so on a
practical note, a handy side table, stool or even a chair pulled up as a convenient
surface to put down your hot chocolate and a plate of cookies is essential to be able to prolong this restful time without interruptions.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Enjoy!

Susan Mosse