Large Mug Valentine 2018 Nicholas Mosse Pottery handcrafted spongeware

It seems that all of us have warm and fuzzy attachments to everyday objects. We imbue them with happy memories or symbolic resonance or just pure joy. Take a moment to look around and find something your eye delights in, and then try to figure out why. It’s a fun guessing game and you’ll probably be surprised by how many ‘things’ you are fond of!

One constant object of love for many people would be their mug. Heat from hot drinks envelopes us and influences our feelings - holding a hot large mug of tea is a seriously reinforcing, positive event. The old Irish maxim that a cup of tea is all you need to solve the world’s problems isn’t that far off the mark: psychologists will tell you that warmth (and the built in memory of warmth) can cause more positive feelings in a person’s outlook. So that special mug holding that hot drink can be doubly wonderful in our daily lives.

To be sure, not everybody rushes to get their favorite mug before anyone else can, but on the other side, there are people who won’t let ANYONE ELSE use THEIR mug! Where do you fall on the spectrum?

As someone with a vested interest in mugs, I am always really moved by the stories people tell me about their favorite mugs and dishes. I suspect that special gift mugs that have been given (lovingly) to someone are often pushed up in the favorite rankingsValentine Mug 2018 and Lawn Red Cookie Jar Nicholas Mosse pottery handcrafted spongeware



When we began making Valentine mugs, we hoped the love would flow, not just from mug to position in the cupboard but more from giver to giftee.  A big red heart is an unmistakable symbol, and why not show the love! It can be any type of love,---child to mother, sister to sister, you name it.

At this wintry time of year, kisses and cuddles of every type are welcome.

Susan Mosse