5" lamps

Each of our 5” Lamp Bases are carefully handcrafted by our team of Irish potters. The resulting design is a beautiful classical shape, enhanced the charming Apple Pattern. This forms a delightful criss-cross effect, creating a truly eye-catching piece. Please note, our handmade pottery lamps do not come with lamp shades, which can be ordered separately. Extra delivery time must be allowed for American orders, as the lamps need to be specially crafted with the US fittings.
5" Lamp Apple Base Only €115.00
Lawn Red 5" Lamp Base €167.65
5" Lamp Clematis Base Only €115.00
5" Lamp Assorted Animals Base Only €147.20

5" Lamp Clover Base Only €115.00
5" Lamp Forget Me Not Base Only €115.00
5" Lamp Fuchsia Base Only €115.00
5" Lamp Lawn White Base Only €167.65

5" Lamp Old Rose Base Only €115.00
5" Lamp Wild Flower Meadow Base Only €115.00
Lawn Dark Blue 5" Lamp Base €167.65
Lawn Green 5" Lamp Base €167.65

Lawn Light Blue 5" Lamp Base €167.65