Traditional checks are an ongoing and necessary kitchen accessory, gingham never dies! Our quintessential red apple is a cheery reminder of apple pies, Granny and warm mornings in the kitchen. We have a coordinating range of table linens which brings the entire pattern to the fore of any room in the house. 

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4 Small Mugs Apple €72.00
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4 Tall Mugs Apple €112.00
5" Lamp Apple Base Only €115.00
7" Lamp Apple Base Only €160.00
9" Footed Cake Plate Apple €68.20
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Afternoon Tea Gift Set Apple €261.65
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Angled Bowl Gift Set Apple €171.60
Apple Kids PVC Apron €15.50
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Box Set Small Mug and Tiny Plate Apple €39.50
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Box Set Tiny Heart Plate Apple €19.35
Butterpat Apple €12.00
Classic Pie Dish Apple €46.65
Coffee Pot Apple €76.00 €102.30
Cookie Jar Apple €62.30
Covered Butterdish Apple €62.30
Custard Cup Apple €12.30
Double Dipper Apple €31.15
Everyday Bowl Apple €30.80
Everyday Plate Apple €44.45
Fruit Bowl Apple €86.70
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Heart Gift Set In Apple €64.95
Jar Cover Apple Sold Out
Large Angled Bowl Apple €70.65
Large Bowl Apple €72.60
Large Cafetiere Apple €121.00
Large Mug Apple €21.90
Large Quiche Dish Apple €46.65
Large Rectangle Plate Apple €51.70
Large Rectangular Oven Dish Apple €55.60
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Lidded Sugar Bowl and Small Cylinder Jug Apple €68.90
Lidded Sugar Bowl Apple €33.00
Lunch Plate Apple €41.00
Medium Bowl Apple 8cm (3"h) €24.75
Medium Heart Plate Apple €28.95
Medium Jug Apple €46.75
Medium Oval Oven Dish Apple €47.30
Medium Rectangle Plate Apple €34.10
Napkins Apple €28.95
Nest Of 3 Rectangle Dishes Apple €96.80
Olive Dish Apple Sold Out
Oval Platter Apple €166.00
Oven Gauntlet Apple €20.90
Pasta Bowl Apple €39.30
Pasta Server Apple €69.30
Pepper Cruet Apple €16.50
Presentation Platter Apple €81.40
Ramekin Apple €14.50
Reverse Candlestick And Candle Apple €38.10