Wildflower Meadow Cafetiere tall mugs and small cyl jug nicholas mosse pottery handcrafted spongware
We all know one: a coffee addict! Take care of the coffee lover in your life with a Nicholas Mosse mug and coffee press to make their daily ritual just a little more colorful. We have a range of sizes from small to tall that will be sure to suite any taste!
Clover Small Cafetiere Gift Set €86.60
Large Cafetiere Apple €121.00
Large Cafetiere Clematis €121.00
Large Cafetiere Forget Me Not €121.00
Large Cafetiere Fuchisa €121.00
Large Cafetiere Lawn Dark Blue €155.65
Large Cafetiere Clover €121.00
Large Cafetiere Lawn Green €155.65
Large Cafetiere Lawn Light Blue €155.65
Large Cafetiere Lawn Red €155.65
Large Cafetiere Lawn White €155.65
Large Cafetiere Old Rose €121.00
Large Cafetiere Reindeer €121.00
Large Cafetiere Wild Flower Meadow €121.00
Large Cafetiere Winter Robin €121.00
Small Cafetiere & 2 Small Mugs Fuchsia €91.00
Small Cafetiere & 2 Small Mugs Old Rose €91.00
Small Cafetiere Apple €55.00
Small Cafetiere Clematis €55.00
Small Cafetiere Clover €55.00
Small Cafetiere Forget Me Not €55.00
Small Cafetiere Fuchsia €55.00
Small Cafetiere Old Rose €55.00
Small Cafetiere Reindeer €55.00
Small Cafetiere Wild Flower Meadow €55.00
Small Cafetiere Winter Robin €55.00
2 Tall Mugs Red Lawn & 2 Tall Mugs Winter Robin €125.40
2 Tall Mugs Reindeer & 2 Tall Mugs Green Lawn €125.40
2 Tall Mugs Reindeer & 2 Tall Mugs Winter Robin €112.86
4 Tall Mugs Apple €112.86
Tall Mug Apple €29.70
Tall Mug Blue Chess Sold Out
Tall Mug Black/White Chess €26.40 €35.20
Tall Mug Clematis €29.70
Tall Mug Clover €29.70
Tall Mug Dog €33.55
Tall Mug Forget Me Not €29.70
Tall Mug Fuchsia €29.70
Tall Mug Hen €33.55
Tall Mug Old Rose €29.70
Tall Mug Reindeer €29.70
Tall Mug Lawn Dark Blue €36.30
Tall Mug Lawn Green €36.30
Tall Mug Lawn White €36.30
Tall Mug Lawn Light Blue €36.30
Tall Mug Lawn Red €36.30
Tall Mug Red/White Chess €26.40 €35.20
Tall Mug Sheep €33.55