The Hen Pattern is the most colourful of our rural patterns, with the colour palette including dark browns, subtle yellows, pale & vivid blues and wine red. These hues contrast perfectly with the blank white space outside of the landscape scene.
Large Mug Hen €29.70
Lunch Plate Hen €46.20
Tall Mug Hen €33.55
Everyday Bowl Hen €36.30
Everyday Plate Hen €46.20
Lidded Sugar Bowl Hen €41.80
Medium Bowl Hen €29.70
Medium Jug Hen €55.95
Pasta Bowl Hen €44.00
Pepper Cruet Hen €21.45
Salt Cruet Hen €21.45
Serving Plate Hen €64.10
Side Plate Hen €36.75
Small Bowl Hen €22.90
Small Cylinder Jug Hen €44.65
Small Mug Hen €22.45
Tiny Bowl Hen €19.60
Tiny Jug Hen €20.45
Tiny Plate Hen €18.50
4 Small Mugs Hen €89.80
Set of four Pasta Bowls Hen €176.00
Box Set Small Mug and Tiny Plate Hen €40.95