Grow Your Collection

Collecting objects is a very human urge. As a settled rather than nomadic bunch, we tend to gather selected objects around us for a number of reasons beyond the objects themselves; to decorate our living spaces, to reinforce our sense of self and belonging, as documents of our personal stories. Even when we’re itinerant there is often still the impulse to gather souvenirs along the way.


It starts from a young age. My grandkids are an example of early collectors, diligently bringing back carefully chosen sticks from the local park, to be stacked together neatly outside the front door. Each of these objects holds a special and significant power for its young collector.

Nick’s Collection of Old Pottery is on display in our Irish Country Shop & Cafe


Collections can range from the weird to the wonderful; autographs, stamps, spoons, matchboxes, musical instruments, postcards, shoes, paintings, sculptures, butterflies, birds eggs, vinyl, discarded shopping lists, film memorabilia, sun dials (me), inspirational old Irish pottery (Nick - you can see this collection on display in our Irish Country Shop).

Whatever the subject, we make an often inexplicable emotional bond with it and to the process of nurturing it beyond anything to do with money. I can’t say what drew me so powerfully to my first sun dial, but what I have always liked is that something with such a clear, practical purpose can combine with being a stunning piece of sculpture in its own right. 


An example of the variety of styles and subjects of the artworks on stamps from Ireland in the 1980s

Collectors can take the subject of their collection so seriously and amass so much material that they can make a museum out of it. So many of the world’s major natural history and art museums wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this urge (combined with the means of course) to collect. Some more traditional collectibles are considered unethical these days, (I’m thinking of those Natural History Museums again), and some just aren’t available. I feel stamps, often miniature works of art, might meet that fate once the digital age takes over and we’ve forgotten how and even lost the urge to write postcards. Let’s hope not.


New Lawn Large Mugs with overlaid blossoms in Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Green. 

In the grand spirit of collecting, and on a more domestic scale, we like to keep adding patterns to certain shapes of pottery and shapes to certain patterns so there is always something new. This month we’ve added a Large Mug to our Lawn range, a strongly coloured ‘dibby-dab’ design made up of a dynamic collage of overlapping blossoms.

We never know when a new design will eventually become a classic, just like you never know when an unexpected gift – a modest eggcup or a statement piece like a salad bowl – will become the first element of what will become an extensive collection. And of course, once your friends and family know what you like, you don’t have to be the only one to add to your collection.


Over time, pieces that are no longer made become more rare, like this Wild Flower Meadow Vase, that has found a home in many a collection.


Like a sundial, our wares are both practical and beautiful. Produced meticulously by a medley of hands, they are made to last. More importantly, and unlike some precious collectibles that are kept strictly in their original packaging, our Pottery is made to be used and to be part of your daily life. In the sharing of food and drinks, every day and on those special occasions, you’ll be collecting memories into the bargain.