Thanks Be!

What a great end of year this has been!  Actually, what a great year altogether!  Ireland’s shockingly warm, dry summer plus a gorgeous, calm autumn has made everyone that bit more positive coming into winter.  We Yanks are starting to think of the upcoming national holiday Thanksgiving (who’s coming, what to cook, will the guestroom be ready in time), while we Irish are just beginning to plan our holidays.

In the pottery, we have had a fantabulous boost recently,--The New York Times featured us in a piece about pottery in Ireland and the Irish Times also gave us a prestigious ‘Design Moment 1980’ article which looks back on some of our early work. 



Everyone here is chuffed to say the least! The family has also been featured in the ‘Irish Arts Review.’  All in all, it has been heartwarming to receive these accolades after all our years of work. 

So, we have to say it: thanks to all our fans and followers and to all the kind journalists who have put us in the news.  And happy Thanksgiving!

Susan Mosse