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Nicholas Mosse is located in a beautiful old mill located on the River Nore in the stunning countryside of Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny.

Dating back to 1503, the old mill along with its sister mill across the river, spent most of its history performing as a grain store and grinding mill. Nick’s family were the miller in this area since the early 19th century and Nick spent much of his childhood in and out of this very mill and its passing river.

In 1983 Nick and Susan got the opportunity of purchasing Nick’s family mill – by then an unused building. Drawn by a shared vision, they lovingly restored the rambling old building; slowly and carefully bringing it back to life. Today the mill, steeped in history and heritage, stands tall and proud at the core of Nicholas Mosse Pottery. A visit to Nicholas Mosse Pottery is more than just a visit – it’s an experience - a unique one – a little piece of Ireland gone by whose tradition carries on at the pottery. Inside the mill, each individual piece of pottery is handcrafted and hand painted. It is here where Nick now trains and employs local people to produce his pottery which is shipped all over the world. It is here that Susan is continuously inspired to create new distinctive patterns and designs. It is here that Nicholas Mosse is honoured to welcome thousands of people each year to view their little piece of heaven.

Nicholas Mosse

The majestic River Nore powering our Mill


Central to this experience, is our viewing windows. In our shop, visitors can watch our potters and decorators at work through glass windows; see our potters and decorators throw the shapes, fire up the kiln, glaze, paint and sponge-decorate each individual piece of Nicholas Mosse pottery by hand.

See our potters and decorators throw the shapes, fire up the kiln, glaze, paint and sponge-decorate


Nicholas Mosse Country Shop

Our welcoming Irish country shop, houses a full range of every shape and pattern we have created, lovingly merchandised on traditional wooden dressers and scortched - painted cabinets. Here you will find the ever popular ‘quality seconds’ table, some collections of beautiful textiles, Irish woollens and home accessories, along with some breathtaking giftware.


Our now famous cafe, overlooks the stunning River Nore, serving delicious tea, coffee, scones and light lunches. Using simple local ingredients – including flour from our cousin’s mill across the river – it is the perfect area to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Coffee at Nicholas Mosse Cafe Scones at Nicholas Mosse Cafe Tea at Nicholas Mosse Cafe


A visit to Nicholas Mosse is not limited to the mill and its attractions. Indeed, we encourage you to make a day of exploring the area. Stroll along the 4km river trail from Kilkenny City, a recent and beautiful addition to the pleasures of life in Bennettsbridge. We’d be happy to recommend other craftspeople and sights to see in the area. Kilfane Glen and Waterfall, one of Ireland’s most beautiful, secluded, enchanted gardens was rescued by Nick and Susan Mosse and restored to its former glory as a romantic period garden. Following years of love and tender care, visitors can now enjoy the woodland paths, the quiet setting of the thatched cottage orné or watch the waterfall down a carved rock face. Open in July and August.

Nicholas Mosse, Bennettsbridge. Not just a visit, an experience


And fittingly, due to the heritage of our surroundings, and the history of our pottery, we have dedicated and entire room in the Mill for visitors to discover the history of the Mill, of the Pottery and the local surrounding area.

Nicholas Mosse Pottery is also part of one of the newest tourism initiatives in Ireland, Ireland’s Ancient East, which stretches from north of Dublin to the south in Waterford and east of Cork.We offer tours at Nicholas Mosse Pottery on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  We require a minimum of 10 people to book a tour. Standard cost is €15.00 per person.  To book in and inquire about large groups please email

Bennetsbridge signposts Nicholas Mosse

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