October 10, 2014


Those of you that visit our Irish Country Shop are probably aware that in addition to our ‘firsts’ quality pottery on the ground floor, we also have a ‘seconds’ area upstairs.

We are the only shop in the world where you can buy Nicholas Mosse ‘seconds’. 

All our pottery is hand-decorated, so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Any slightly irregular pieces are sold as seconds. The reason may be, for example, colours that are darker or lighter than is usual in first quality; or a pattern may be slightly different from the norm. But the seconds are all of excellent condition, and their blemishes are only cosmetic.

In fact, some of our collectors prefer the second quality pieces because they are truly ‘one of a kind’.

Seconds aren’t produced on purpose; they are ‘happy accidents’, so there is no guarantee of finding a specific piece on our seconds shelves. However, we always have a large and varied assortment to offer in our treasure trove of seconds pottery.

You never know what diverse shapes and patterns may arrive on the trolley from Quality Control, just before your visit! We hope you’ll drop by soon.

And, for an even bigger bargain, we always have one or two shapes further marked down on our ‘special offers table’, and the selection varies month to month.

Visitors are sure to be rewarded with some great finds.

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