An Irish Cure

December 05, 2017

Irish Whiskey in a Tall Mug Reindeer with Lidded sugar bowl Reindeer Nicholas Mosse Pottery

Teetotallers cover your eyes now, for I’m going to reveal the secret of surviving winter in Ireland. No doubt other countries have their cold weather panaceas, but an Irish Hot Whiskey is pretty unbeatable. This is the time of year when feeling ‘rundown,’ ‘under the weather,’ exhausted, and/or sniffly all come into everyday parlance, when gorgeous wool scarves are pulled on and when boots come scrambling out of the back of the closet. Welcome winter!

In our house, we use our Nicholas Mosse Tall Mugs to push back those blue grey feelings. A ‘hug mug’ is a term I’ve heard used and it really says it all. Two hands wrapping around this pottery mug will keep that part of your exposed body nice and warm, but it’s the stuff going down the throat that also does the cure. Instant heat slowly heading down the center of your body,---what could feel better?

To make this well known brew, you need very hot water, a few cloves artfully stuck into a slice of lemon, a tablespoon (or more or less!) or soft brown sugar. Dissolve the sugar and then give your mug a good dollop of, yes, Irish!!! whiskey. It has to be Irish, doesn’t it? Of course, you yourself will alter proportions to suit the need, the mood, the recipient. Omit the hard stuff for youngsters, it goes without saying. Change sugar to honey, or use white sugar if you must; lemon and cloves are essential.

These tall mugs hold 2 cups of liquid, so you can sit calmly in your rocking chair by the fire, Irish tweed knee rug on lap, dog nearby, and you won’t have to get up for a refill! So after a long shopping expedition or cooking session or leaf raking,-- whatever state you find yourself in,-- don’t forget our magic Irish cure.

Enjoy this holiday season  

Susan Mosse

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