Homage To The Nicholas Mosse Pottery Butter Dish

I’m long enough on this earth to have an appreciation for many things… the feeling of clean, crisp sheets on my bed, handcrafted ceramics and anything cashmere to name but a few… But I’ve just been able to add a new ‘love’ to my list, the Nicholas Mosse Pottery butter dish!


Now you might think I’m a little sad, but I’ve purchased not one, but four, different butter dishes over the last couple of years in the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ dish. Each and every time, I’ve made my purchase thinking, “surely this will fit a 1lb block of butter”… but every time I’ve taken it home to be disappointed.

Now to be honest, I don’t think I was being too picky. All I sought was a dish that would fit a 1lb block of butter, but every time I would take it home and end up having to cut something off the length of the butter because the dish wasn’t long enough, or having to put up with a ‘floating’ lid because the depth of the butter was higher than the butter dish! What can I say – sometimes it’s the little things that really get under your skin!


But no more…. sanity has been restored (OK maybe I’m pushing it a little) thanks to this beautiful butter dish from Nicholas Mosse Pottery. It perfectly preserves a fresh block of butter, doesn’t end up with butter all over the inside of the lid because its got a lovely curve) and looks fantastic in my kitchen.


Coupled with that, if I’m not using it for butter then it doubles up as a container for anything…coleslaw, Waldorf salad, whatever takes my fancy. I love it and hope to proudly display it in my kitchen ‘till death us do part.

 Check out the full range here.

- Leeann Mathews