Soothe Your Soul At Kilfane Glen & Waterfall

There are places that we go to in our lives that connect us to the earth, to the kids we once were, to peace, tranquility and a sense of timelessness, Kilfane Glen & Waterfall is one of those places.


As I walk the winding paths of this public garden, I can feel tensions leave my body. This is no place for mobile phones, Internet access or ‘screen time’… this is a place to stroll with lazy legs, to watch fish in the ponds, hunt for fairies, applaud the man made waterfall and delight at a cottage that looks like it could have been the home of Robin Hood or Briar Rose. 

Kilfane Waterfall family day out

This is a place that facilitates connection; connection to the earth, to peace, to family, to loved ones, and I applaud the time, patience and love that goes in to its daily maintenance. This place bursts with life and I imagine that it must take a huge amount of work to keep these 15 acres in check! 


But this parkland, glen and waterfall are not a natural wonder; they were created in the Romantic Era (circa 1790’s), by an obviously hugely talented, innovative and clever lady called Harriet Power. Much kudos to her!

Kilfane Glen & Waterfall Gardens

Romance oozes from every stream, bridge, tree, fern and flower and I imagine that many a man has gone down on one knee to ‘pop the question’ here over the years. As I sit by the cottage orné on the property, I am soothed by the sound of the waterfall beside me and I think what a wonderful place this would be to take a retreat. If I was an author, politician or pop star, this is where I would want to come to get away from prying eyes and just ‘be’ in a quiet, peaceful and inspiring place 


The cottage orné, which is the name given to a “rustic building of picturesque design”, has a thatched roof, large latticed windows and decorative woodwork on it’s exterior. As you peek through the windows it is obvious that the interior is equally delightful with its quaint living area, dining table and birdcage! 


Indeed, the sounds of birds singing fills the trees and I’ve even spotted some fox droppings in the glen. What other animals are lurking about in the shadows I wonder? Squirrels, otters, owls, rabbits, ducks to name but a few I imagine…more than enough animal inspiration for local pottery legends Nick and Susan Mosse of Nicholas Mosse Pottery. 

Nicholas Mosse squirrel woodland pattern everyday plate

From July 1st to August 31st, Kilfane Glen & Waterfall is open to the public from 11am-6pm for a very reasonable entrance fee. I recommend that you bring a picnic, bring family, bring friends or just your thoughts to Kilfane, your soul will thank you for it!

- Leeann Mathews