King Of The Grill!

It’s a rare occasion that my husband cooks in the kitchen and when he does I tease him that he cooks like he is a reincarnation of Jamie Oliver! He religiously gets out his Nicholas Mosse Pottery ‘Chef Set’ (a set of four nesting bowls which he got for his birthday a few years ago), and every ingredient is prepped and placed in one of the bowls before he starts to cook! You’d swear there was a television crew filming him!

Thankfully though, a genius somewhere invented the BBQ and men everywhere have embraced it as their own! I don’t know whether it’s a primordial thing linked to outdoor flames, or the prerequisite beer that must be in hand when grilling, but barbequing has been deemed a mans territory and hooray for that!..


Seamus (my husband) is King Of The Grill in our house and long may it last!

His burgers are legendary in our neighbourhood and lucky for any of you  ‘would be’ kings out there, he has given me his recipe to share with you all.

These burgers are easy to prepare and totally delicious.

Makes between 6-10 burgers depending on how big you like them!



900kg             Good quality mincemeat

1                      Medium onion, finely diced (if you’d like some technique advice from Mr Oliver himself, check out this video on how to slice or dice an onion)

200g               Breadcrumbs

40ml               Tomato Ketchup

20ml               Worchester Sauce

1                      Egg

6+                    Burger buns (sesame seed, brioche, whatever takes your fancy)



  1. Fry off the chopped onion until soft and translucent.
  2. Put the mincemeat in a bowl and add the cooked onion, half the breadcrumbs, the ketchup and Worchester sauce and mix by hand.
  3. Add the remaining breadcrumbs and the raw egg then mix by hand again until everything is combined. If the mix is too moist, add more breadcrumbs to dry it out a little.
  4. Shape your burgers either by hand or by using a burger press.
  5. When you’re happy with the shape then roll your burgers in a little flour so they don’t stick to each other.
  6. BBQ for about 5 minutes per side but cooking time will depend on the heat of the BBQ and how well you like your burgers cooked.
  7. Top with cheese, onions, relish, guacamole, or whatever takes your fancy and place within your burger bun.
  8. Show your handiwork off to best advantage by placing on a hand painted ceramic dinner plate or great serving plate such as the Nicholas Mosse Pottery large rectangular plate in light blue lawn, it’s one of my favourites and would make a great pottery gift for any man.


Let the grilling commence!

- Leeann Matthews