This is a highly styled assembly of pinks and purples, which has been based on the wild fuchsia hedgerows that line the little country roads in Ireland. The design is strong and directional; an entire table full is a wonderful sight to see. As soon as this pattern was launched in 2012, it became an immediate hit. 


Cookie Jar Fuchsia €62.30
Covered Butterdish Fuchsia €62.30
Large Jug Fuchsia €63.80
9" Footed Cake Plate Fuchsia €68.20
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Heart Gift Set In Fuchsia €68.50
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Lidded Sugar Bowl and Small Cylinder Jug Fuchsia €69.95
Napkin Fuchsia (Set X4) €70.00
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4 Small Mugs Fuchsia €72.00
Pasta Server Fuchsia €72.60
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Set Fuchsia Everyday Plate and Tall Mug €74.15
Large Angled Bowl Fuchsia €74.80
Coffee Pot Fuchsia Sold Out
Large Bowl Fuchsia €77.00
Fruit Bowl Fuchsia €86.70
Small Oval Serving Dish Fuchsia €88.00
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Small Cafetiere & 2 Small Mugs Fuchsia €91.00
Presentation Platter Fuchsia €92.40
Salad Bowl Fuchsia €96.80
Nest Of 3 Rectangle Dishes Fuchsia €96.80
Teapot Fuchsia €97.00
5" Lamp Fuchsia Base Only €115.00
Shallow Dish Fuchsia €121.00
Large Cafetiere Fuchisa €121.00
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Set of four Pasta Bowls Fuchsia €157.20
7" Lamp Fuchsia Base Only €160.00
XL Jug Fuchsia €165.00
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Angled Bowl Gift Set Fuchsia €166.96
Oval Platter Fuchsia €176.00
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Afternoon Tea Gift Set Fuchsia €251.46