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A jug for every need! We love jugs, pitchers, ewers, you name it,—-this shape is one of the most useful pottery pieces you can own. We hand throw five different sizes of jug in a range of designs. Some are sweet and tiny, other jugs are extra large and big enough to decorate a windowsill. Pretty colourful pottery jugs or pitchers can also make the perfect standalone gift, or can grace a tableware or tea set. Or use them as vases and fill with flowers. We all need jugs!
XL Jug Clover €165.00
Small Cylinder Jug Clover €35.85
Medium Jug Clover €48.40
Small Jug Clover €21.70

Tiny Jug Clover €16.50
XL Jug Lawn Green Sold Out
Small Cylinder Jug Green Lawn €49.95
XL Jug Forget Me Not €165.00

Small Cylinder Jug Forget Me Not Sold Out
Medium Jug Forget Me Not €48.40
Small Jug Forget Me Not €21.70
XL Jug Lawn White €217.80

Small Cylinder Jug White Lawn €49.95
XL Jug Wild Flower Meadow €165.00
Large Jug Wildflower Meadow Sold Out
Small Cylinder Jug Wild Flower Meadow €35.85

Medium Jug Wild Flower Meadow €48.40
Small Jug Wild Flower Meadow €21.70
Tiny Jug Wild Flower Meadow Sold Out
XL Jug Old Rose €165.00

Large Jug Old Rose €63.80
Small Cylinder Jug Old Rose €35.85
Medium Jug Old Rose €48.40
Small Jug Old Rose €21.70

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