This range of patterns is our answer to the quest for a solid, 'simple' background pottery, which so many of our collectors have asked for over the years. It has been designed using our signature palette and is offered in five colourways - we just added white. All our Lawn patterns are extremely labour intensive, and full of quirky, tiny variations.

Cookie Jar Lawn Red €91.10
Cookie Jar Lawn Green €91.10
Tall Mug Lawn Red €36.30
Tall Mug Lawn Green €36.30
Large Rectangle Plate Lawn Red €63.90
Everyday Plate Lawn Red €49.50
Everyday Plate Lawn White €49.50
Everyday Plate Lawn Green €49.50
Salad Bowl Lawn Red €136.65
Salad Bowl Lawn White €136.65
Salad Bowl Lawn Green €136.65
Presentation Platter Lawn Light Blue €113.85
Trio Gift Set Lawn Red €123.60
Trio Gift Set Lawn Green €123.60
Large Cafetiere Lawn Red €155.65
2 Tall Mugs Red Lawn & 2 Tall Mugs Winter Robin €125.40
2 Tall Mugs Reindeer & 2 Tall Mugs Green Lawn €125.40
Nest Of 3 Rectangle Dishes Lawn Red €135.00
Nest Of 3 Rectangle Dishes Lawn Green €135.00
Shallow Dish Lawn Red €158.20
Shallow Dish Lawn Dark Blue €158.20
Shallow Dish Lawn Green €158.20
Lawn Red 7" Lamp Base €237.60
XL Jug Lawn Red €217.80
XL Jug Lawn White €217.80
XL Jug Lawn Green €217.80
Mixed Bowl Gift Set €282.34